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I wrote MOVE to help leaders at all levels move their initiatives forward with more support and less risk.

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I’ve been using the MOVE model for many years to help organizations put their strategies into action. And now I’m sharing it with you in my new book MOVE: How Decisive Leaders Execute Strategy Despite Obstacles, Setbacks and Stalls

The practical model I outline in MOVE you will get two important outcomes:

  1. You will implement your strategy faster and will less risk
  2. You will build an organization of highly effective managers and motivated, engaged employess along the way

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What people are saying

Any organization that isn’t transforming itself to capitalize on the trends reshaping business today is going to find itself left behind by more nimble and forward-thinking competitors. You need this book, not to tell you what transformations you need to make, but to make the transformations you initiate actually succeed.

—Rich Sanzi, Vice President of Engineering, Google

MOVE is a must read for any organization and leader that needs to make the transition from talking about high level goals to making faster decisions and putting specific, concrete actions into motion. It is the difference between activity and results.
Patty Azzarello’s MOVE model will allow you to get your whole organization engaged and focused on delivering the results of your strategic plan.

—Don Joos, CEO, ShoreTel Inc.

Patty Azzarello has a unique way of truly understanding how to drive transformational change because she has done it herself, and advised leaders and teams on how to create breakthroughs in their business. In any kind of transformation, keeping the energy high, and the skepticism low is critical to success — and difficult to do! MOVE is a great read for any leader who is looking for field-tested, proven strategies to get and keep their organization invested in implementing a bold new strategy.

—Andy Burtis, SVP, Corporate Marketing & Communications, McKesson

One of the hardest things to make happen when you are driving a transformation is to get people to change their behaviors. In MOVE Patty Azzarello explains so clearly what makes people choose to embrace the new strategy or to resist it, keep their head down, and try to wait it out. Any leader trying to motivate their organization to implement a new strategy needs to read this book.

Iram Shah: Senior Vice President Customer Transformation, Schneider Electric