Ways we can work together…

My Approach

I work with companies and leaders who want to improve the way they work.

I am an experienced CEO, GM and business leader. I have transformed, turned around, and scaled the businesses I have led personally. I have significant experience developing executives and helping leaders step up to do a bigger more strategic job.

I work with CEO’s and GM’s who want to drive the same kind of strategic change in their business, and to improve the way their whole organization functions.

1. Strategy into Action™

Strategy Consulting & Execution

For executive management teams:
Work with me when you are ready to GO.

Using my very practical, Strategy into Action™ program, we will get your whole organization aligned and executing your business strategy.

In an offsite meeting with your executives, I will drive the discussion to clarify priorities and lock down fuzzy or lingering decisions. We’ll say no to low value work with confidence. I will make sure that we identify obstacles and weak support, and create a plan to measure and track accountability on the right outcomes.

Finally I’ll help you make sure there is a process to communicate effectively to engage your whole organization, and get your leaders personally motivated to drive change.

Clarity and Accountability

We’ll put in place the clear, concrete tasks, behaviors, and accountability necessary to get everyone to move from talking to doing – to execute your strategy and make it stick.

Work with me when you are ready to GO.

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2. Leadership Development

Workshops & Programs

For mid-level managers, directors, and VP’s:
Work with me when you need your leaders to be more strategic

First we will clarify your leadership development needs in the context of your specific business challenges and opportunities.

My practical, reality-based approach, will get your leaders to step up their game to think and work more strategically, become more effective communicators, and become better developers of people and teams.

I will develop custom workshops and programs for your team to meet your specific business objectives and leadership needs.

Your leaders will be motivated, ready and able to personally drive strategic change.

They will become stronger leaders, and become better coaches and developers of their teams.

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3. Employee Development, Career Development

Workshops & Programs

For 1st level managers, and Hi-Po’s:
Work with me when you want to provide practical, business-focused career development

My employee/career development program shows employees how to take control of their own career development by figuring out how to add more value to the business and demonstrate stronger personal leadership. The result: You benefit and they love it.

This is a very practical, cost effective program that can be offered to your whole team, or select groups of high performers.

(I’ve got a 97% approval rating from the thousands of people who have been through this program.)

This program is a no-brainer. It’s easy for you to provide, and it’s easy for people to use at their own pace. It’s low cost. People love it. It works.

Learn more about a career development program for your organization.

4. Professional Speaker

Speaker for External & Internal Events

Book me to speak at your Customer Event, User Group Meeting, Professional Conference, Advisory Board Meeting, or Networking Event.

A real business leader

People are drawn to my no-nonsense, practical, often humorous stories of real world experiences about the realities running a business, driving successful change, adding more personal value, and being a decent human being in the process.

Inspire action

Your audience will always leave with surprising insights and practical ideas of how they can move something forward in their business and career right now.

Book Patty to Speak.

topQuote Patty gives hard-hitting, effective and provocative wisdom that challenges the team to step it up — in ways never imagined.

She solves those execution problems that are holding you back.
There will be after-shocks of revitalization and excitement in your team and your business.

Barbara Nelson
CEO Element Labs