Strategy into Action™

Implement Your Strategy

Get there this time

This program is very useful when you need to:

  • Lead a change or a transformation
  • Move your team from talking to doing
  • Clarify your business strategy and priorities
  • Get stronger alignment and accountability in your team
  • Get your leaders to step up and personally drive change

My Approach

I work with companies and leaders who want to improve the way they work.

I am an experienced CEO, GM and business leader. I have transformed, turned around, and scaled the businesses I have led personally. I have significant experience developing executives and helping leaders step up to do a bigger more strategic job.

I work with CEO’s and GM’s who want to drive the same kind of strategic change in their business, and to improve the way their whole organization functions.

Execution Focus

Execution is at the heart of the Strategy into Action™ program.

If you know what you want to do, but are having some trouble doing it consistently, I can work with your executive team to get everyone aligned and executing – fast.


We make sure the strategy is super-clear, and the specific actions to implement it are defined. We resolve the persistent questions and debates that block action, and stall growth. We make sure that assignments, resources, and ongoing communications with the whole the organization are clear, concrete, and motivating.

The first session

The program starts with a 1-2 day kick-off meeting. I discuss common obstacles to leading change, and leadership behaviors to break through them.

Then we debate, clarify and align on your key business outcomes and initiatives for the next 6-12 months. We focus on what you will DO. I take the team through a process to define concrete, mid-term outcomes and measures for each initiative.

You leave with structured and aligned, action and communication plans, that ensure your team makes progress on your long term goals.

The follow-up

We’ll figure out the right follow-up strategy together, so I can help to ensure your team stays focused and aligned on executing your strategy, and help them deal with the wave of reality and constant requests and distractions which tempt them off course.

I have helped many types of organizations move their business forward with this program including CEO’s and GM’s with their executive teams, as well as leadership teams for Marketing, Sales, IT, and Product Organizations.

Contact me to talk about your business goals and getting your team to put your strategy into action!

MOVE Cover Azzarello


Stay tuned for more about my upcoming book MOVE.

It’s about organizational effectiveness and success, and making sure your strategy gets executed.

topQuoteBeing driven through this process by someone who has been the one in charge makes such a difference! botQuote

Frederic Aires
SVP and GM EMEA, Visto, Inc.

topQuotePatty enabled us to sift through competing sets of needs to get to the core priorities quickly. We greatly appreciated the experience she brought to the room which she used to help us work through all of the demands on our part of the business. Everyone recognized Patty’s guidance as extremely helpful in putting us on track toward a workable action plan for reinforcing and growing our business. My team and I really liked working with Patty. botQuote

Jonathan Adams
VP and General Manager, BMC Software

topQuotePatty was able to get the team to identify and make tough decisions and to help us make progress more quickly than we could have done on our own. botQuote

Lee Nackman
VP & GM, at a Fortune 50 IT company