Leadership Development Programs

Helping Managers Step Up

This is a useful program when you need your mid-level managers to:

  • Start thinking like executives
  • Better delegate and re-prioritize lower level work
  • Proactively own and make decisions
  • Personally drive necessary change in their business area
  • Develop people and build new capabilities in their teams

The Mid-level Manager Dilemma

The executives are frustrated

In virtually every organization I talk to, the executives tell me that they are frustrated with the director and mid-level managers. (It’s not just you.)

The execs feel like they keep getting pulled down to make decisions and cover the strategic management work that their managers should be stepping up to do — because the mid-level managers are not thinking and working strategically enough.

The managers are equally frustrated

Mid-level managers are working themselves to death, and feel their work is not being appreciated or recognized.
 Managers get promoted, but often, they haven’t internalized that the world has changed.

The leadership task is very different now, than what they used to do when their main focus was to deliver work. They don’t realize that what you need from them now is to strategically deal with the work, not get buried by it.

Leadership Workshops

I have developed a unique leadership workshop that helps your mid-level managers understand how their role changes as they move up in the organization, and what they need to do differently to succeed at the higher level role. It motivates them to own their development and increase their effectiveness as a leader, and gives them the tools and support to do so.

My workshops help your leaders think and work more strategically to:

  • Deal constructively with an overwhelming workload
  • Propose, negotiate and defend Ruthless Priorities
  • Delegate better and build capability in their team
  • Personally lead change and move the business forward
  • Show up in a stronger way as a leader in the business
  • Share information more effectively across organizational boundaries
  • Communicate and build credibility with and with executives, partners and clients
  • Become better leaders, coaches and developers of people

The workshop and content can be customized to fit your specific group of leaders and business situation, and to suit the level and goals of the participants.

topQuoteThe development workshops Patty creates and delivers are like no other. Her experience as a business leader means her approach is focused and practical. My team left the session with real world changes that we have implemented and from which we have quickly realized value.botQuote

Kim DeCarlis
Vice President Worldwide Marketing, BMC Software

Ongoing Program and Support

Many of my clients also select to provide an ongoing program after the initial workshop.

In this case, I work with your directors over the course of 6-12 in half days sessions, webinars and conference calls.

In the sessions we accomplish three things:

1. Reinforcement. We revisit some of the key leadership practices and give them a chance to share with peers what they have done and how it’s going. This helps reinforce the expectations that they need to be evolving their leadership skills.

2. Work on your business. We work on a few key issues and challenges they are facing in the business. I act as and advisor and a coach and help them use new leadership skills to navigate through specific challenges and obstacles they are facing and to move forward on their business goals.

3. Peer Support. It works well to include a social element, by coordinating sessions with a lunch or a a cocktail hour at the end of the day. This way leaders can share ideas and discuss changes and improvements among their peer group, which is an excellent way to reinforce change.

Contact me to talk about what you are trying to accomplish in your business, and what you need your leadership team to do.

Your Leaders work directly with me

I am an experienced CEO, GM and business leader. I have transformed, turned around, and scaled the businesses I have led personally. I have significant experience developing executives and helping leaders step up to do a bigger more strategic job.

topQuotePatty gives hard-hitting, effective and provocative wisdom that challenges the team to step it up — in ways never imagined.

She solves those execution problems that are holding you back.
There will be after-shocks of revitalization and excitement in your team and your business.

Barbara Nelson
CEO Element Labs