Employee/Career Development

Programs for your team and yourself

My career development programs are useful when you:

  • Want to provide meaningful career development to your employees in a cost effective way
  • Need your employees step up their personal leadership and business skills
  • Want to get a personal breakthrough in your own career

My very practical, business-focused approach is based on:

  • Owning and driving your own career development (YOU do it)
  • Building success on your natural strengths and core values (Be your true self)
  • Understanding the business, and taking ownership for key outcomes
  • Demonstrating strong personal leadership, and building credibility
  • Knowing the difference between being busy, and delivering value
  • Improving how you communicate, share information and build support

Real success comes from tuning the way you work to add more value to the business, AND make it more satisfying personally.

For You? or for Your Team?

Whether you are an executive looking to provide career development for your employees, or you are looking to gain a career advantage personally, I’ve got resources and programs that will make a material difference in achieving your goals.

Career Development for Your Team

Career development ranks among the top issues on employee surveys, but companies often struggle to provide it in a way that works for the business and satisfies employees.

I have created a unique workshop that you can offer to your team. I have also developed a unique membership program, written a book called RISE, and created other practical tools that allow you to provide significant, personalized employee development in a useful and cost effective way.

Learn about the workshop and other resources

Career Advancement for yourself

Succeed at work AND Like your life.

My career development approach is based on what I learned from growing my own career from entry level engineer, through marketing, sales, general management and ultimately to become CEO (without turning into a self-centered, miserable jerk).

Don’t just work hard. Have a plan to move your career forward.

I wanted to find a way to provide meaningful and practical help to ambitious individuals who want to get an advantage in their career.

I’ve written a book called RISE, and I have created other super-useful tools to help you build success on purpose. I’ve also developed a unique membership program to provided personalized business and career support and coaching.

To get your career breakthrough, check out all these useful resources.

topQuote I continue to invest in this program because I feel it is money well spent. My people get practical, no-nonsense, real-world advice from an experienced CEO, delivered in a manner that is easy to understand and consume. Every year when I renew the membership, I get emails from throughout my organization thanking me for supporting the program, and reinforcing the value people get from it – how it helps to make people more effective and more motivated. botQuote

Paul Avenant
Sr. Vice President of Solutions, BMC Software