Employee/Career Development

Practical, Meaningful Career Development

Companies need a flexible, cost effective, easy to provide program that will help employees take charge of their own development.

Core messages and approach of my program:

  • YOU own your development. Don’t wait for your manager or company to do it for you
  • The only reliable way to advance your career is to add more value to the business and increase your personal leadership skills
  • You get big insights, practical tools, and ongoing support to put the learning into action

The result:

  • Your employees become stronger leaders and add more value to the business
  • Your employees take charge of developing themselves forever after
  • Your employees thank you for investing in them

This is very practical, useful, real-world stuff people can start doing tomorrow.

Here’s how it works:

There are 3 parts of the program that can be used on their own or in combination.

  1. Custom Onsite Workshops
  2. Membership Program: Monthly webinars, Podcasts, Tools & Live Coaching
  3. Additional resources, workbooks and guides

1. Custom Onsite Workshops

I have developed a unique career and personal leadership workshop that people love.

This session is delivered in 1 or 1.5 days and gets employees focused on taking control of their own career development.

They get a combination of big insights and practical tools that they can put into action right away.

We would customize the content to suit your particular business needs, team level, and goals, but here are some popular topics to give you an idea:

DO Better

Think and Work More Strategically
Maximize your strengths, be your true self
Don’t be a Work-horse
Strategic Time Management, Be Less Busy
Ruthless Priorities
Negotiate your workload, defend your time
Delegating to build value

LOOK Better

Building credibility
Communicating and building and trust, sharing information
Be more relevant, executive communications
Build positive visibility with key stakeholders
Improve your Personal Brand and Team Brand


Stakeholders and Sponsorship
Getting and using Mentors
Authentic Networking
Getting the right experience
Getting on “The List”

2. Membership Program

Member Webinars
Your employees become Members of Azzarello Group.

They can participate in monthly webinars on topics of business leadership. Each webinar comes with worksheets and templates to put the learning into action.

Personalized Participation
Whenever members are in need of insight or support on a particular leadership or career topic they can download content from the Member Library. THis is a self-paced program they can use on their own schedule.

Live Coaching
There is also a monthly Coaching Hour conference call where members can ask their own questions and get live coaching from me, and get and share insights with peers. Your employees can join a public monthly Coaching Hour call, or we can set one up just for your company.

3. Additional Resources, Workbooks & Guides

Other resources which can be included in the program is a peer group discussion based on my book RISE, my Career Year of Action Guide, and Workbooks on critical development topics of Make More Time, Personal Brand, and Authentic Networking.

My Approach

People are drawn to my no-nonsense, practical, often humorous stories of real world experiences about the realities running a business, driving successful change, adding more personal value, and being a decent human being in the process.

Contact me to discuss how we can help your employees step up their personal leadership, add more value to the business, and develop their careers.