Reclaiming Humanity at Work

PA TEDx high res

I had the great privilege of doing a TEDx talk in Asbury Park NJ a few weeks ago. My subject was "Reclaiming Humanity at Work". Where's the video? Many of you have been asking when the video will be available online. Thank you for your interest! I got the word that the first edits would be available at the end of June, so I'm thinking it will be ready sometime in July. I will keep you posted! The experience of doing a TED talk was really interesting. The two driving factors for a TED talk are that it needs to be "an idea worth spreading", and that it should be a part of your own authentic story. As I went through many revisions, I realized that this theme of "humanity Continue Reading

Learning a second language: Part 2

second language2

Awhile back, I wrote an article called Learning a second language as an adult, and shared some language learning resources. I got a lot of positive response to that article, so I thought I would share an update. I’m still at it, and I’ve learned a lot. I’ve improved my language skills, but I’ve also [...]

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Building Personal Brand Value and Recognition

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This month’s Professional Development webinar was on the topic of Personal Brand and Recognition. If you are wanting to get the opportunities and recognition you deserve get this webinar You’ll learn how to: Build your credibility Stand out more Get the recognition and opportunities you deserve Position yourself to win the job you want Get [...]

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Avoiding Decision Stall: Debate vs. GO

debate vs go

Decision Stall Many companies that I talk to have issues with effective decision making — They want to make better decisions. They want to make them faster. And they want them to stick. While leaders often need to make decisions with incomplete data, one of the common issues I see is that decisions are made [...]

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When you can’t get enough resources to deliver what is expected

Precarious Lead; Wall Street, UT

The challenge: Resources are cut AND work is added This problem has been coming up a lot recently in my coaching hour conference calls, so I wanted to share some advice here. They way this is often stated is: “My company has downsized, but now my team has been given the work of other teams [...]

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