Is my job easier in a parallel universe?


Mission Impossible Sometimes executive jobs just feel ugly and impossible. I can remember feeling at various points in my career, that the mission just didn’t make sense, or that it was unsupported. I felt like I was out on a limb owning all of the risk, and with not enough resources to succeed. Or I felt like the corporate bureaucracy, the board, or another group or particular adversary, was blocking me (or sabotaging me) from doing the right things that I knew desperately needed to be done. Welcome to being a leader. As a executive, this sort of thing is just part of the job. There are always big, ugly, seemingly impossible problems, annoying people, and exhausting Continue Reading

What stupid stuff are we doing?

stupid stufff

Why are we doing this? As a business leader, one of the things I always marveled at was how much crap creeps into a business operation over time. Processes go out of date (and become void of any usefulness) yet they remain, not as necessary processes — but as habits. New chaotic and reactive activities [...]

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Be more visible…but not annoying

More Visible

This month’s webinar was on the topic of Be more Visible, but not Annoying. If you missed it, you can download the podcast! Get a 25% Discount on Membership – This week only! Special note: You can get a 25% discount on membership if you join now. Use code STANDOUT25 at checkout. BECOME A MEMBER [...]

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Negotiating Ruthless Priorities

negotiating ruthless priorities

Ruthless Priorities, which I often talk about as a concept, is a wonderful way to focus your time and energy, but perhaps even more important and valuable, are the conversations that having clear Ruthless Priorities allow. Let’s face it – just because you decide to think and work more strategically, doesn’t mean the rest of [...]

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Fear, progress and “The Accidental Expert”


I was recently telling a story about a time in my career when I had an all out panic. I’m in over my head! When I got my first general manager job at Hewlett Packard, early into the role, my team had identified a significant gap in our product offering, and the recommendation was that [...]

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