The most annoying interview question: What is your greatest weakness?

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I'll start out by saying that I hate this question. Everyone hates this question. As various techniques, styles and technologies for hiring come and go out of fashion, this question persists like a cockroach. So I thought I would take the time to document my advice on dealing most effectively with this question. Why do people ask this question? Interviewers ask this question for a few different reasons. They: 1. Are actually interested in getting a rounded perspective of the candidate 2. Know it’s a standard interview question so they ask it without any particular purpose or desired outcome - just checking a box 3. They want to try and trip you up by asking you an annoying Continue Reading

I exercised every day for 1 year…

100 days workout

365 Days in a Row This weekend, I celebrated my 1 year anniversary for exercising every day. June 12. 365 days in a row. Awhile back, (about 265 days ago), I published a post: What I learned from exercising 100 days in a row. It got a lot of interest, so I thought I would [...]

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How to lead a team when you don’t understand their work

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As a manger, particularly as a CEO or general manger, sometimes you are going to be in the position of leading a group whose function you have no experience in, and frankly, don’t have a clue about! Before I get to the specifics here, I want to say: This is OK. The road to become [...]

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How to Influence Difficult People

This month’s Professional Development webinar was on the topic of Influence Difficult People. Get the webinar If you missed it you can download the recording. Members of Azzarello group can download this webinar for free. Everyone faces difficult people and adversaries In the beginning of my career, I used to think that dealing with difficult [...]

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What to do when someone is attacking your credibility


Bullies and Saboteurs I think we all have those moments in our careers when we feel vulnerable because there is someone who is doing things to undermine our credibility. I break this type of negative, damaging behavior into 2 groups. 1. Bully’s: People who are aggressive, dismissive, and attacking you to your face 2. Saboteurs: [...]

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