A big thank you — to YOU!

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I want to thank everyone who helped make the launch of MOVE such a huge success! I also wanted to stop for a moment to fully appreciate this truly extraordinary experience for which I am enormously grateful, by sharing this short photo/video diary. In Italian I would say, "Sono grata" which is what Italians say to express a joy of your whole self and a deep gratitude that comes from the heart. MOVE Launch in New York City I had the incredible opportunity, thanks to my publisher Wiley, and Barnes and Noble in NYC, to have MOVE featured in the storefront of Barnes & Noble facing 5th avenue for 2 weeks! Speaking of things for which I am grateful, my long time friend and mentor Al Continue Reading

Sometimes, the key to productivity is to stop thinking about it!


Feeling Discouraged, Stuck, Lazy? Do you ever have one of those days when every single thing on your task list feels impossible or just too annoying… and you can’t seem to get yourself engaged on anything? As leaders we will always have hard things to deal with that will make some days feel miserable: Impossible [...]

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The opposite of Asshole is not “Weak Person”

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My secret weapon for achieving success I am preparing to deliver a TED talk at the TEDx Navasink Conference on May 20 in Asbury Park, NJ! …and it got me thinking about the ideas of Power and Weakness in business. (By the way, if you want to attend, you can register here.) My secret weapon… [...]

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Metrics that Drive Action & Results

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This month’s Professional Development webinar was on the topic of Metrics that Drive Action & Results. Get the webinar If you missed it you can download the recording. Members of my professional development program can download this webinar for free. This is a very useful webinar to download if you are managing any type of [...]

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The Key to Influence: Make your Voice Bigger

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Influence and Difficult People The topic of how to influence difficult people, comes up in my work all the time. (At all levels.) One of the most useful tools in the influence tool kit is to make your voice bigger. What I mean by this is to never get into a situation where it’s your [...]

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