Stand Out, Get Promoted


This month’s webinar was on the topic of Stand Out, Get Promoted If you missed it, you can download the recording. Are you getting the recognition and opportunities you deserve? Both from my own quickly rising career, and from the experience I've had hiring many managers and executives, I've had a lot of opportunities to study what stands out. I have also worked with many others who are talented, hard working people who failed to advance. Do you ever notice that some people just seem to be able to rise somehow, naturally, even despite a young age, and having less experience than others? And do you ever notice that other great people, who work really hard, get Continue Reading

Butting heads with your boss?


The Chasm Sometimes even when people agree, and like and respect each other, they can still find it frustrating to communicate — both can be really smart, capable people, but they just don’t get each other — they drive each other crazy. The issue is that we all have our own preferred style of thinking [...]

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Using time better

Using Time Better

This month’s webinar was on the topic of Using Time Better If you missed it, you can download the recording. How well do you use time? It’s easy to blame others for making us too busy, but the first step is to face up to the fact that we alone, are the resource of our [...]

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Get more control of your time and energy


Resist the Internet sometimes Ok, right off the bat… If you are reading this blog in bed, stop now, turn your device off, do something else for now, and come back to the internet later… I could probably end this blog right here, because this is the main point. Bu there are three important ideas [...]

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Why you need to draw your 1-person org chart

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What is an org chart for? This was a lesson I learned in my corporate career, and have carried through to my entrepreneurial career. When you think of an org chart, people usually think about it as a way to visually organize people. To me this misses the value of the org chart entirely. What [...]

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