Commitments, Deadlines & Employee Motivation

motivation deadlines

This month’s webinar was on the topic of Motivation, Commitments and Deadlines. If you missed it, you can download the recording. This is a very useful webinar to download if you want to: Get your team executing better, and more consistently Become more comfortable discussing and sticking to deadlines Learn how to enforce consequences without de-motivating people Choose the right measures that make success and failure very clear Have the right (non-emotional) conversations when expections are not met Why organizations don't deliver on time The simple truth is that many organizations don't deliver on time because there are no consequences for not delivering on Continue Reading

5 kinds of help successful people get

5 kinds of help

Image: 1. The Extra Team Really successful people are successful because they get a lot of help, not because they are so good on their own that they don’t need help! It’s important to think about how you work and learn. If you are not reaching out for extra knowlege and support, you will [...]

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What a manager must communicate…

Perpetual motion with light bulbs. Idea concept on gray background

Operation vs. Communication Tools Your team creates all kinds of reports, spread sheets and slides to plan, run, measure, and report on what you are doing in your operation. Of course you need these detailed materials to run your function — but please don’t inflict them on others! Your “inside voice” These reports are your [...]

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How to increase your value

increase value2

I see (broadly, for the sake of this discussion) two types of people in their careers. 1. People who see their job description as a minimum requirement, and respond with the minimum effort to collect a paycheck. 2. People who see their role as a contract with the business to deliver value, and they are [...]

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Social Media ROI for Business (and Careers)


This month’s webinar was on the topic of Social Media ROI. If you missed it, you can download the recording. In this webinar I the opportunity to interview Erik Qualman, who is has a remarkable background. Erik Qualman (Equalman online) is an MBA Professor at the Hult International Business School. For the past 16 years [...]

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