The Key to Influence: Make your Voice Bigger

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Influence and Difficult People The topic of how to influence difficult people, comes up in my work all the time. (At all levels.) One of the most useful tools in the influence tool kit is to make your voice bigger. What I mean by this is to never get into a situation where it's your opinion vs. someone else's opinion. If you are only arguing with your own voice, your own idea, your own opinion, you are missing a source of power that can change the game entirely. When you are in the situation where you know you are right and what you are recommending is really important, it can be very frustrating when no one is supporting you. "Why should we listen to Continue Reading

Creating High Employee Engagement

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This month’s Professional Development webinar was on the topic of Creating High Employee Engagement. Get the webinar If you missed it you can download the recording. Members of my professional development program can download this webinar for free. This is a very useful webinar to download if you want to: Increase the energy, commitment and [...]

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Communication vs. Conversation: The Monday MOVE Idea

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Communicating is not Enough The Monday MOVE Idea: Communication vs. Conversation Each Monday until the launch of my upcoming book MOVE (Tomorrow!!!), I’m sharing an important idea from the book. The right measure of communication success is never about how clearly you think you have communicated. The only right measure is about how much your [...]

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Coping with a difficult business situation

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“Courage does not always roar” I really like this quote from Mary Anne Radmacher. I write this in a week when all of my best laid plans and commitments have been washed away by the flooding rains and power outages in California. This, the week before my new book MOVE is released…when there were many [...]

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The Monday MOVE Idea: What do YOU need to move forward?

The Monday MOVE Idea Each Monday until the launch of my upcoming book MOVE, I’m sharing an important idea about the book. This week, it’s about YOU. I’d like to help you move something forward that is important to you, whether that’s a business initiative, a team transformation, or your career. Win a 1-1 executive [...]

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