The Monday MOVE Idea: Your strategy is where you put your resources

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Welcome to "The Monday MOVE Idea" This is the first in a series of ideas from my upcoming book MOVE that I will share with you each Monday between now and the release of MOVE in February. This week: Resource Reality You can say whatever you want about what your strategy is, but if you want to know what your strategy actually is, just look at your budget. Remember strategy is not what you talk about or hope for, it’s about what you DO. And your budget reflects what you are actually doing. Your budget tells the truth. New strategies don't often come with additional resources. So the resources need to come from something you are currently doing. The problem is that Continue Reading

Executing your strategy instead of talking about it

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My new book: MOVE I’m very excited to officially announce my upcoming book MOVE. It will be available in February from Wiley in hardcover and ebook form, online and in bookstores. MOVE is about decisively executing strategy I made short video to tell you about it! I’m really excited to share this book with all [...]

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Ruthless Priorities and Effectiveness

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This month’s Professional Development webinar was on the topic of Ruthless Priorities and Effectivnessk. Get the webinar If you missed it you can download the recording. Members of my FORWARD program for Professional Development can download this webinar for free. Join now and get this webinar and all the webinars for free! TODAY ONLY! JOIN [...]

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The reason for my absence in August…


My New Book MOVE: Available March 1, 2017 MOVE: How Decisive Leaders Execute Strategy Despite Obstacles, Setbacks & Stalls I’m very excited to share the news with you that my new book MOVE is being published by Wiley, and will be available March 1 ! Thank you for noticing In late July I got the [...]

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Do these 2 things to win the job you want

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Talented people frequently ask me in frustration, “Why do I keep coming in second? I have all the skills, but I don’t seem to get picked” If there is any secret in being the one who wins the job — it’s to make yourself be the obvious choice. If you are not the obvious choice, [...]

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